General Services

For investments in the United States we have a team of trained and qualified professionals to work in coaching to generate business plans, proposals for new projects, offers of franchises in Miami and the United States, detailed guides of how the American economic system works and possible risks, as well as the strategy to obtain an investment visa through business.

We offer the company to franchisees in Miami or business owners interested in growing their franchise.

Specific Services:

We work with all kinds of budgets

We focus specifically on specific business ideas for each client

We offer franchise business in a variety of areas to our client portfolio

We process through our law office specific work visas for all types of clients and their needs

We offer businesses from different franchises or franchisors who wish to sell or expand their company

We plan, design and execute marketing campaigns to guide the investor towards a market that wants to consumes its products or services


We advise Investors interested in establishing themselves in the United States through investments. We focus on helping the investor to evaluate and identify investments and projects that allow them to qualify for an investor visa.

Legal Counseling

Investment project planning for the application of investor visas, preparation of business plans to apply for L-1, E-2, EB-5 visas, advice for the purchase of franchises to justify the investment.

Business plan

We prepare the Business Plan for your project, which is the fundamental requirement to start a business. Structure and develop each one of the aspects that it entails.
A business plan ranges from the littlest, specific details to the most general aspects of what you want to achieve. It is extremely important to have a detailed business plan that covers every clause, meets all requirements and also guarantees its own success as this document is strategic to obtain loans from banks, associations and also possible investors, which is why it is carried out by our experts in corporate finance and trade, who are highly qualified for this matter.

Marketing plan

We offer a strategic Marketing Plan for Franchising and Businesses, which includes Brand Registration, management, main concept, target, marketing and advertisement of the company. We use support programs and study the market to develop a rapport with the business owner and investors while engaging with future customers.

Franchising Project

We turn your Business into a feasible model for franchising, generating the indispensable requirements according to the laws and regulations established by the Federal Trade Commission. We elaborate the procedures and operations manuals , which will be the best quality control regulator within the system for your business.
Our staff will walk you through the process to turn your small business into a successful franchise that is also practical at the time of its sale.
After your franchise is sold, we will postulate your business as our best exposure product for potential investors. All of this is achieved by our trained staff of professionals who will be monitoring and evaluating the best options for your thriving business.